A complete application consists of all questions being answered and all required documents being uploaded. Failure to submit a complete application may cause delays in processing and/or disqualification. All required documents must be uploaded at the same time.

The following documents must be submitted to be considered a complete application submission:


  1. Valid, current identification (state driver’s license, state identification card, or passport)
  2. Duly-executed, current lease/rental agreement or other documentation evidencing the agreement between the landlord and tenant that includes the property address, rental amount, and rental dates, including any extensions, if applicable.
    If a lease agreement is not available, the applicant may provide alternative documentation for proof of residence and the rent amount, as follows:

    • Alternative documentation for proof of residence:
      • Evidence of paying utilities for the rental unit; or
      • Landlord Documentation of Residence and Amount of Rental Obligation Form, signed by Landlord
    • Alternative documentation for proof of rent amount:
      • Bank or credit card statements, check stubs, or other documentation that establishes a pattern of paying rent; or
      • Landlord Documentation of Residence and Amount of Rental Obligation Form, signed by Landlord
  3. Documentation Supporting Household Income
    • Copy of determination/benefits letter from TANF, WIC, SSI, SNAP, Medicaid or Head Start; or
    • Copy of 2020 or 2021 IRS Tax Return Form 1040 for applicant household; or
    • Income documentation for the past 30 days for each household member over the age of 18 years old.
      • Acceptable documentation may include any of the following:
        • Paystubs or other documentation of wages or salary;
        • Documentation of income from the operation of a business or profession, including direct payments for services or self-employment including for self-employed individuals;
        • Bank statements;
        • Documentation of unemployment benefits;
        • Letter from employer indicating verifying income;
        • Documentation of Social Security, annuities, insurance policies, retirement funds, pensions, disability or death benefits, and other similar types of periodic receipts;
        • Documentation of public assistance benefits;
        • Documentation of child support, alimony, or foster care payments;
        • Income Certification Form (for household members who do not receive any source of income, have unverifiable income, or receive cash income); or
        • Self-Employment Income Certification Form.
  4. Proof of At-risk of Homelessness or Housing Instability
    • Past due notice, eviction notice, or similar communication from the landlord;
    • Past-due or disconnect notice from the household’s utility provider;
    • Proof of medical bills preventing proof of payment of rent or utilities;
    • Proof of reliance on credit cards or payday lenders to pay for household necessities; or
    • Other circumstances as described on the Risk of Experiencing Homelessness or Housing Instability Form, signed by the applicant.
  5. Proof of financial hardship due to COVID-19
    • If a member of the applicant’s household has qualified for unemployment benefits, documentation of same from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security or other relevant state unemployment agency
    • If a member of the applicant’s household has experienced a reduction in household income, incurred significant costs, or experienced other financial hardship due to COVID-19, a written attestation signed by the applicant that one or more members of the household meets this condition.
  6. Landlord Participation Form (with Landlord’s W9 Form and ACH Credit Authorization if the landlord agrees to participate and has not completed online application)
  7. If requesting utility assistance, a copy of the tenant’s bill, showing the name of the service provider, account number, and name and address of the customer.


  1. Irs W-9 Form
  2. ACH Direct Deposit Authorization
  3. Landlord Participation Form (if not participating online)

Printable Checklist

Required Documents Checklist